With the EU committed to phasing out
incandescent & halogen bulbs by 2012, the UK
lighting supply industry is clearly set to change.

While the low-end CFL retail market has been
stimulated by Government subsidies, people
are becoming increasingly aware of the
environmental & health hazards associated
with using mercury in bulbs.

What's needed is a cleaner, greener, even lower energy alternative. Something for the masses. An affordable range of direct replacement LED light bulbs with full size bayonet and Edison screw fittings.

Welcome to SuperBULB ..

beyonet cap
50 lumen
1.2W Warm White, temp 3300K, index 76
RRP £3.99
58 lumen
1.2W Bright White, temp 6000K, index 75
RRP £3.99
84 lumen
2.5W Warm White, temp 3000K, index 73
RRP £4.99
98 lumen
2.5W Bright White, temp 6000K, index 75
RRP £4.99
123 lumen
2.5W Warm White, temp 3000K, index 73
RRP £5.99
145 lumen
2.5W Bright White, temp 6000K, index 75
RRP £5.99

SuperBULB uses up to 90% less electricity than a standard light bulb, and around half the amount of a low energy CFL. Projected payback based on electricity saving alone is 6-12 months

SuperBULB uses super bright LED's with up to 50,000 hours life, or 50 years if it's on for 2.7 hours/day. In the same period you'll get through 50 standard bulbs, 25 long life bulbs or 8 compact flourescents.

SuperBULB is greener & more recyclable than CFL's
or standard bulbs & does not contain Mercury.

SuperBULB simply replaces traditional 230v bayonet
& screw cap light bulbs. No wiring necessary

SuperBULB lights up instantly providing full
brightness with no 'warm up' delay

(Ultra Low Energy LED)

Low Energy Lamp (Compact Fluorescent)

Standard Bulb (Traditional Incandescent)

Everyone uses artificial light, and the world population is rising. So lighting is a big and growing global business. It is also a major component of energy use – up to 50 percent in commercial buildings. So it is central to the environmental debate too. And new technological developments are coming to the market that will have a profound impact. Ultra-efficient lighting is set for dramatic growth
Department for Business and Regulatory Reform  

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98 LUMEN Bright White
" Works great in the utility room "

Simon H,Macclesfield

50 LUMEN Warm White
" I have 2 of these in wall lights to give a soft light at night, beats the dimmer switch... "


98 LUMEN Bright White
" Great lamps!! "


50 LUMEN Warm White
" Brighter than the 3w flourescent bulbs they replaced! Thanks. "


50 LUMEN Warm White
" Nice product. Would be idea for a bedside table or feature lamp. Thanks. "


50 LUMEN Warm White
" works well great item everyone should have these "


50 LUMEN Warm White
" great light!!! highly recommended !!!! "


50 LUMEN Warm White
" I am very pleased with the bulbs. I recently replaced all my household bulbs with fluorescents and frankly have been driven mad by the start up time. I have now replaced 5 of them with the 1.2w "

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